Blue Microphones Yeti Review & Rating – 2017

Blue Yeti USB Microphone - Blackout EditionA microphone can help you create recordings from your computer.

  • Blue Yeti USB Microphone – Blackout Edition provides clear recordings. Blue yeti microphone is USB enabled; it uses Blue microphone’s proprietary tri-capsule technology.
  • This helps to produce high definition, studio quality clear recordings.
  • There are four pattern settings; this can be used for different purposes. These pattern settings can be used for recording vocals, instrumental music, interviews and podcasts.
  • These activities generally require multiple microphones but with Blue yeti microphone you can record it with one microphone only.
  • Blue yeti microphone caters to amateur and professional musicians, audiophiles, broadcasters etc.; the blue yeti is a name to reckon in the microphone space.
  • They build durable products with high quality materials. Their latest outing with blackout gives a new black matte finish which is extremely sophisticated and sleek. It produces best quality recordings and audio files of dream quality.
  • The tri-capsule array has three condenser capsules which lends a professional finish to audio recordings. The mic is quite powerful that it records even the minutest sounds. There are four distinct pattern settings; this enables even the most amateur audiophiles to produce studio quality recordings.
  • All you need to do is change the switch to the suitable control based on the type of recordings. Each of the four patterns have different capabilities, they have to be flipped based on the various recordings. For podcast or voiceovers for videos the cardioid pattern can be used.
  • This control focuses on front side of mics capabilities. For jamming sessions with instruments, the stereo style has to be used. This will provide 360 degrees of sound reception which is ideal for these types of recording.
  • The controls are handy and simple; they enable quick tuning of the blue yeti microphone for the type of recording. This entire effort does not require much knowledge regarding sound design; hence, even an amateur can use it efficiently.
  • The cardioid setting is ideal for recording voiceovers, podcasting etc., When you broadcast the recordings, it is of mind-blowing quality. You can listen to the recordings while it is being recorded and get a live feel of how things will sound.

Here is a deeper look at the types of four different patterns.

Stereo mode: The front and both sides of the mic will be enabled for recordings in this case. This is best for recording vocals and musical instruments.

Cardioid: This is the most common mode that is used. It is suitable for all types of recordings. The front side of the mic will be enabled to capture sounds. It can be used for voiceovers, podcasts and any other type of recordings. A novice user can start by using this mode of recording vocals and musical instruments as well. Once he gets a proper understanding of how blue yeti microphone works, he could experiment the other types of patterns.

Omni directional: While on conference calls or when video conferencing, there is a need to capture sounds from all sides. This pattern will help achieve recordings from all sides. One can also use this mode to capture an orchestra or a large musical setup where there are number of musicians / vocalists.

Bidirectional: In this mode the front and backside of the mic is enabled to capture sounds. If there are two vocalists singing a duet, they could use this pattern to capture both the voices with equal quality. Also, it is ideal while debating and there are speakers on either side. For interviews too, this mode is used.

Best features of Blue Yeti:

This gadget comes in handy for many uses; especially those with a musical bent of mind can use this effectively. This mic set is sturdy and is built for long term. The line from Blue yeti is particularly known for its quality. Some of the best features of Blue yeti microphone are listed below –

Simple controls – The blue yeti microphone has simple controls for the volume, selecting pattern, mute etc., the entire design is extremely user friendly. It can be used with little help from the user manual.

Proprietary tri – capsule array –The blue yeti microphone uses the proprietary tri-capsule technology with the 3 condenser capsule which enables recording in all situations. It shuts out the noise completely, thus giving studio quality.

Varied pattern for different types of recording – Multiple patterns are available for different types of recordings – cardioid, bidirectional, omnidirectional & stereo. These have to be chosen based on their suitability to particular recordings.

Clear output quality –There are controls for muting when you do not need to record a particular bit. There is a zero-latency headphone output which is of great quality.

Compatibility – The blue yeti microphone is compatible with Mac and PC with equal ease. It is almost plug and play gadget with no complications in usage. It is manufactured to provide the best output; the design quality is simple yet impressive. It is a unique position able design.

Download the User Manual: [PDF]Blue Yeti Manual

Negative points

The Blue yeti microphone is of great quality and offers good features for the money spent on it. It has very few negative points. The microphone is of high quality, it picks up even minute sounds such as vibrations.  This is the only technical drawback that one can identify. Many people however, do not see this as a drawback; they look at this aspect as a positive trait.

Knobs are flimsy and wobbly – Users have mentioned that the plastic knobs for control are wobbly and could break with repeated use.

Picks up vibrations –The blue yeti microphone picks up even the slightest sound such as the computer running. This means that the microphone is extremely powerful. You may need a pop shield and place the microphone away from the system to ensure that vibrations do not get recorded.

Turning off the microphone is cumbersome – You will have to disconnect the microphone from the USB cable to turn off. A control / power switch to turn off would have been handy.

Blue Yeti USB Microphone - Blackout Edition

Advantages over competition

The product is considered the best in the industry especially for musical recordings, professional podcasts. It scores over its competition for the very powerful microphone. The brand is known for durable build.

Great brand – Blue yeti is a great brand in this space. It commands huge fan base. Thus, people watch out for latest technology and product outings.

Reasonably priced – It is a great value for money product. Even for high end recordings, this can be used.

Good quality recordings – Often, multiple microphones will be required for studio quality recordings. Blue yeti microphone offers great quality recordings with a single powerful mic.


This is a great product for recording vocals, podcasts, musical instruments, interviews, conference calls. The broadcasts are of superior quality. It has a very powerful microphone that catches even very minute noises.

Using the right mix the blue yeti microphone will give a studio finish to the voice. If you are recording a podcast then the broadcast will sound like you have the guests and hosts in the same room. You can clearly make out the difference between your computer’s inbuilt mic and the blue yeti microphone.

The controls are quite handy, there is a built in mute control which enables pausing or stopping the recordings. The pricing is another great quality of the product, it is quite affordable. For all the amateur musicians and YouTubers this is a great gadget to own. Pick your mic from this TOP 5 List!

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Blue Yeti Microphone Review
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